The inspiration for this shoot came from two areas in my life, the fascination of nature’s offerings and my traveling experiences. I grew up in a humble home built by my grandpa. I spent many morning running around in the home, helping mum with garden and eating lots of home cook food. Returning to Asia after a sabbatical in South America, I came back yearning for all the exotic fruits. When I discovered Bollywood Veggies, it almost felt like my playground from the young.

When putting together a garden shoot, I visited the local fruit stall. The red hue of Lychee and blue Mangosteen tones became the anchor of inspiration. Upon tabletop, a hand-died table runner from northern Thailand, placed with stunning florals by Floral Magic, placed in tree-bark containers, and a array tropical fruits for the guests to enjoy. The day set the tone bringing together a quiet happiness and rejoice in the company of closest friends and family.

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