It’s the long summer day on the sunny island of Singapore. One day while sun-bathing on the beach, the idea of this wedding inspiration struck me. Let’s combine our tropical elements with pops of neon and make it fun. The idea was born and for the rest of the next 3 months, the designing and wedding planning kicks in.

Joanne from Nineteen Design Studio has always been delivering great work, as seen from the few shoots we’ve been collaborating. I wanted to inject fun elements through her design, hence, we experimented on Acyclic and screen printed on them. She has also created some groovy pattern, which I so love. We dip-dye each of the beach chairs and create coconut tags name cards to complete our fun look.

Jo from Floral Magic is probably frustrated with me by now. I’m always asking for peculiar flowers or crazy installation. She has been very accommodating with all the request. As usual, her work has surpassed my vision.

I could just imagine transporting this set-up and wedding into the beach of Sentosa, Langkawi or even Thailand. Coupled with a DJ spinning some funky tunes and a glass of Mojito my hands. I say, Let’s GO! I wish I could jump right through our screens and into the fun!

002-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 003-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 004-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 005-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 006-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 007-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 008-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 009-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 010-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 012-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 013-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 015-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 016-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 017-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 019-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 020-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 021-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 022-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore
024-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore 025-Tropical_Wedding_Singapore

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