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Wedding Planning Services in Singapore –

Beautiful Gatherings offers event and wedding planning services with same-day wedding coordination assistance/specialists dedicated to creating everlasting memories on your wedding day. While we’re all about beauty, fun and authenticity (and we bring a dash of all these elements to every event we plan, style and coordinate), your story is our top priority. Every wedding is different, and as your wedding planner and coordinator, we want to work with you to create the wedding that you desire and is the best representation of you as a couple. Share with us your wedding planning needs to see how we can play a part in your big day.

The following are the main actual day wedding packages that we provide. More details can be found in our Service Guide which is available upon request. Fret not, we do not bite, hence, if you are interested, do get in touch with us!

Beautiful Gatherings: where dreams come alive and memories are made

No two weddings are exactly the same,, although the meaning of the event is all the same. It’s the union of two people in love, of two people who have chosen to spend their lives together. It is a cause for celebration.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re preparing for your own special day and imagining how it will go. At Beautiful Gatherings, we love helping people host weddings that last a lifetime in people’s memories. Since it is a once in a lifetime event, we must treat it like one: something that’s precious and will live in your hearts forever.

Focusing on what matters

We understand the uniqueness of weddings and how meaningful they are to each couple. That’s why we need to take careful measures to plan each wedding according to your needs and specifications. We know how daunting it can be to embark on planning and organization if it’s not something you’re familiar with.

Our services give you room to breathe and focus on the important things

Here at Beautiful Gatherings, you can rely on the expertise of experienced wedding planners who know what they’re doing so they can transform your wedding into a magical affair. We assist in arrangements and management while you make the important choices in planning out the details.

How can I tell if a wedding planner is good? What services do you provide?

We provide personalised experiences so that your wedding is truly an event people will remember, and so that the planning process is as painless as possible for you. Communication with the client, transparency about our services, and building a relationship with you to ensure your wedding stays true to your vision.

We provide a variety of services ranging from same-day coordination to virtual wedding experiences. Celebrate the happiest moment of your life with Beautiful Gatherings in Singapore, where your dreams come true.

Full Wedding Planning Services, Design and Coordination



This would be the most useful wedding planning aid for couples who are starting at ground zero for their wedding preparations. Our role here is to kickstart the process, and cover you from head to toe, all the way till your vows are read, and your desserts are served!

Wedding Conceptualization • Wedding Styling and Decor • Venue and Vendors Sourcing • Budget Management • Program Design and Coordination • Consultations • Wedding Day Support Team

Partial Wedding Planning Services and Coordination



Sometimes somewhere along the wedding preparations, we get busy or tired. Hence, we designed this service for wedding couples who needs just a little more help. We will review your planning progress and pick up from where you have left off, helping you all the way to your big day.

Additional Vendors Sourcing • Budget Management • Program Design and Coordination • Consultations • Wedding Day Support Team

Actual Day Wedding Package Coordination



It is always gratifying for the wedding couple to be involved in their wedding planning. But the biggest caveat is not knowing that they will be the busiest on their wedding day. Thankfully, we are here to finalize your plans, coordinate, and assist on your wedding day. So, go ahead and have an ease of mind, own your special wedding day and the moments that truly counts with our same-day wedding package.

Program Design and Coordination • Consultations • Wedding Day Support Team

Partial Wedding Planning Services and Coordination



If weddings in Singapore is not your cup of tea, celebrate yours in a foreign (or familiar) land instead. Out in the wild or somewhere close to nature, there will always be a place for you. Talk to us to see how we can work together to make this overseas celebration a special one for you.

Actual Day Wedding Package Coordination



Wedding preparations can get weary and it is normal to get jitters before the wedding day. How about a retreat to unwind and relax? The big day is finally overand we all want to give ourselves a pat on our shoulders for all the hard work. How about a mini honeymoon to celebrate this milestone? How about making your overseas pre-wedding shoot a trip of your lifetime too? For an anniversary or an upcoming special occasion, let us take you somewhere on an adventure!

A new addition to our range of services, we craft memorable itineraries for our privileged wedding couples (and trust us, it is not necessary to break the bank!).

Partial Wedding Planning Services and Coordination



The Covid-19 pandemic has probably changed the way we do events and celebrations, but it does not mean we cannot adapt and change. So, we are taking wedding celebrations online; an experience to prove that distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.

A new concept that is more than a Zoom wedding and incorporates elements of a live stream. Let us have your wedding day programme planned, with online and offline experiences, without sacrificing personal interactions which are the heart of all weddings. Take it to the virtual realm, and the possibilities are limitless!


What does full service wedding planning include?

A full service wedding planning includes both the planning phase and the coordinating phase. In the planning phase, we may help with venue and vendors sourcing as well as decor conceptualization. In the coordinating phase, we manage the itinerary and liaison with the various stakeholders leading up to and on the actual wedding day.

Is it worth getting a wedding planner?

Yes, it is. Getting a wedding planner will save you from the hassle and the stress of wedding planning.

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding event planner serves as the mastermind of all the wedding plans for the day-of and for the backup plans.

Do wedding planners save you money?

Wedding planners may or may not necessarily help you save the money, but they help to make your money worthwhile! We do have some partner vendors whom we can recommend (after onboarding), but more importantly, we also recommend based on your budget and suitability. When you have already spent a ton on a beautiful wedding, having a planner/coordinator helps to make sure there are no hiccups and the money is well-spent on.