22 December 2018 – It has been a long time since Rachel and Nick’s wedding, but it remains as one of my favorite weddings. Rachel is family (though somewhat distant), but I can still remember scenes of us playing together when we were young; and it turns out that Nick is the cousin of another friend too. What a small world! And it is this kinship that made Rachel and Nick’s wedding even more heartwarming.

The morning was filled with excited smiles as the bride was getting ready along with her bridesmaids and family. I especially loved how thoughtful Rachel was, for preparing not only robes for her bridesmaids, but also for her mom and sister, and even a specially printed tee shirt for her dad! Truly, a wedding is not just about the couple, but often, it involves the family too.

Following the gate crash in the morning was the Church Service at the Shangri-la Hotel. The Dutch Pavilion was transformed into a classy and elegant scene, with a cream flower-petaled aisle, rows of white tiffany chairs, and a contemporary floralscape taking the centerstage.  It was a perfect sight, and even more perfect to be walking down this aisle.

The dinner reception was a big one – with over four hundred guests, we certainly know that Rachel and Nick are well-loved! Despite the scale of things, it was still a cozy affair, for every turn, you witness a hug or a genuine laughter.

One thing I really loved about their wedding was that they had many touching speeches: the parents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and of course the couple themselves. They say when you love someone, don’t be afraid to let them know. And these speakers couldn’t be more on point!

The night slowly evolved into an after-party with a close friend behind the mixer. Watching the happy souls grooving to familiar tunes, it was certainly a nice way to end the night.

Venue: Shangri-la Hotel Singapore  

Photographer: The Beautiful Moment Photography

Videographer: Simple Motion

Florist: This Humid House

Make-up Artists: Shaun Lee and The Make-up Room

Photobooth: Hello Forever

Wedding Coordinator: Beautiful Gatherings