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The end of a chapter is the beginning of another journey. After embarking a beautiful adventure together, you are planning to tie the knot in your relationship  – asking the most important question of her life.

Away from our mundane routine, an overseas trip sets a perfect undertone for a surprise proposal. Just as excited as we feel for you, a wedding proposal can only be written once. Sweeping your lady off her feet in a foreign land requires a fair bit of consideration and preparation. We realize couples start looking for a wedding planner after their proposal, we just want to say that we love planning a surprise proposal too!

1) Choice of location

Every overseas experience begins with the setting of location. The affectionate impact of proposal lies in all its fine details –the scent, visual and feel of atmosphere set.

Rooftop Restaurant – The city comes alive at night. Let the skylines shine its lime light on your spectacular love. The only rival to the spectacular view is your other half’s beautiful smile and tears of joy. With the night breeze brushing on your face, romantic candlelit and gorgeous night view, your wedding proposal is complete.

Cathedrals – offer the best of both worlds. Blessed by the holy spirit, the cathedrals provide a private and quiet space for couples to enjoy their special moment – transcending into another cultural dimension.

Farm – The wind spreads the sweet fragrance of flowers. The sun may be scorching but nothing can beat the power of love as you breathe in the fresh air. Striking a balance between the strong vibrant lavender and subtle shades of green, you’re in for a picturesque moment.

Are you a shy person who is afraid of expressing in public? Then the farm is a great idea for you. This laidback environment silenced the moment for once and ease every tension. Privately, hold the hands of your other half and walk through the lavender farm without any intrusion.

Waterfall – Appreciate nature at its best. While the massive cascading wall of water outperforms the usual skyscrapers as a dramatic backdrop, the oosh-ing sound of waterfall breathe life into your special moment.. End it with a champagne on a nearby rock.

2) Waiting for the right moment

The warm orange hues of the sunset brushes your faces, as waves of water beats onto the shore… A spread of simple deliciousness lay out as you hold tightly to your other half.

Sunsets of different cities changes in timing and duration. While the sunset in Singapore lasts for 15 minutes, the golden period in california is a hour long. Before proceeding, check on the sunset’s timing and duration. Driving situations in other countries might be tricky. Do allocate more time to reach the destination on time.

Another planning tip: If you arrive earlier than expected, prepare food while waiting.

3) Ring Insurance

When traveling to a foreign country, precautions are strongly encouraged. Before your travels, pruchased an insurance for the ring. The policy should ideally cover theft, accidental loss and mysterious disappearance. Here is a list of insurance companies that provide full coverage on your engagement ring:



4) Getting through the airport clearance secretly

Different countries have varying degree of airport clearance. There may be situations where security agents request for baggage check. Alas, the bean is spilled. Instead of praying for of avoiding such circumstances, attach a note to the box which reads “Engagement ring inside. Please be discreet”. This might save you a lot of trouble.

A Side Note: Bring your proof of purchase along in case of questioning by the airport officials.

5) Photography

An important day to remember for the rest of your life. How could we capture this moment? If you are lucky to have a friend living in the same city, you could seek his help for this adventure. Hiring overseas photographer is another marvellous option which instils surprise. The photographer could act as a passer-by tourist who help you seize the emotional elements of the wedding proposal.

You could as well set up a tripod and film the whole proposal process. The video can be used to extract photos out from it.

6) Hiding the ring

It may be a challenge to hide the bulky ring box in your pocket. Someone has had the same problem too, and he took it one step further to create a special box for this occasion. Being just 1cm thick, this discreet engagement ring box looks exactly like a wallet. If you’re really anticipating the unexpected surprise from your wife-to-be, the flat ring barrier is worth every dollar.

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