Frequently Asked Questions

Beautiful Gatherings is a wedding and event planning specialist dedicated to creating everlasting memories on your wedding day.

As literal as it is, a wedding planner plans the wedding. Depending on the scope of hire (full planning or partial planning), the wedding planner conceptualizes and designs the wedding, offers advice to the couple on the selection of venues and vendors, negotiates and liaises with vendors, keeps track of budget and timelines, to name a few. Wedding planners also take on the role of wedding coordinators on the actual wedding day.


Wedding coordinators usually only provide assistance for a period of time leading up to the wedding day (2 months for us at Beautiful Gatherings) and on the actual day itself. A wedding coordinator will put together or finalize your programme itinerary, making final communications with the vendors, making logistical arrangements and joining you for rehearsals. On the wedding day, the wedding coordinator will be on site from start to finish, from as early as the morning gate crash, through setups and tear downs, and even after-parties, if any. The wedding coordinator will act as the point of contact on the wedding day, taking charge of the wedding programme, and will handle any hiccups or unforeseen circumstances should they arise.

There can be a myriad of reasons why a couple would want to engage a wedding planner or coordinator for their big day. Some couples have busy schedules, so they decide to leave their wedding planning in the hands of professionals. Others may find wedding planning a daunting and stressful task, hence hiring a wedding planner can help to offload some stress, and couples can focus their attention on what really matters (e.g. writing their own vows and speeches, spending time with the guests on the wedding day instead of keeping track of the programme timeline).


Some couples plan their dream weddings really well, but they still hire a wedding coordinator for their wedding day. After months of planning and spending on your specially selected vendors, you would want the day to go smoothly and enjoy the whole process. However, weddings do not just happen on the day itself -preparations need to be done and someone needs to oversee the programme (and this person cannot be the bride), so the best bet is to leave it in the hands of a professional.. A wedding coordinator also oversees setups through teardowns, which might not be something you want to trouble your bridal party or friends to do, or they simply are not able to because of the packed timeline.

To put it simply, a venue coordinator mainly handles issues related to the venue while a wedding planner or wedding coordinator provides a more holistic support through your wedding planning journey.


In Singapore, venue coordinators are generally the sales managers who has aided the couples in the hire of the venue. Due to the many couples they service, the venue coordinators will only typically engage you around 3 months or only at designated timelines prior to the wedding day to get confirmation on the orders for the perks that the venue provides. These could include the printing of invitations, selection of wedding favours, choosing of the floral décor from the existing themes, final menu and special meals etc. It is also noteworthy to point out that on the actual wedding day, the programme will be run by the banquet manager (whom you might meet once or none) and not the venue coordinator.


On the other hand, a wedding planner or coordinator is your consultant to a variety of wedding-related matters. Not only will your wedding planner or wedding coordinator be liaising with the venue coordinator and banquet manager, she will also be in communication with the various vendors who will be present at the wedding. Your wedding planner or wedding coordinator will be the one who knows the entire programme best, and is the most appropriate person to run the show and handle any hitches.

At Beautiful Gatherings, we do Full Planning, Partial Planning and Actual Day Coordination for weddings. We can also plan for elopements, destination weddings, vows renewal celebrations, recovery brunches, pre-wedding retreats and honeymoon.


If you have something specific or out of the norm, feel free to let us know too and we would love to explore the idea with you.

There is no fast and hard rule for this, though a typical guideline is approximately 9-18 months in advance for a full wedding planning process. It also depends on how big the wedding will be, and how extensive the wedding day activities are. It might be prudent to start engaging a wedding planner as soon as you have fixed a wedding date, especially if the chosen date is popular. Having ample time also means your dream venue and vendors are more likely to be available.


As for actual day coordination, although the service duration is only 2 months prior to the wedding date, we still recommend couples to book us as soon as they have their wedding date so that we can lock in the date for them.

Do reach out to us via email or via the contact form here to tell us more about your wedding. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can, generally within 24-48 hours. We also offer a non-obligatory meetup so you can learn more about us, and it would also be a good opportunity for us to learn more about your wedding planning needs.


As the wedding planner or wedding coordinator is going to be your closet ally in this wedding planning journey, we highly recommend meeting us so you can better assess us. After all, it is your big day, and you would want the wedding planner or wedding coordinator to understand you and vibe well with you! The vice versa is true too!

The answer to this lies entirely with you! Engaging us to do your full wedding planning does not mean that you are totally disengaged from the process (unless you want a surprise). Even if time constraints and a busy schedule are key motivators behind hiring a wedding planner, we would still require couples to be involved to a certain extent. At the bare minimum, couples need to make important decisions such as the ultimate selection of venue and vendors, while we run the research and legwork for you. For couples who would like to be more involved in their wedding planning process, you can opt for the Partial Planning service instead. If you are totally hands on for the wedding planning, but wants to leave the execution of the wedding day programme in the hands of a professional, our Actual Day Coordination service will fit the bill nicely.

We charge a fixed basic rate for our services of Full Wedding Planning, Partial Planning and Actual Day Coordination. Surcharges may apply depending on the starting time and ending time, the total number of guests, whether the wedding falls on a public holiday or involves a split-day, or the complexity of the wedding programme.


We also offer bespoke services if the existing service plans do not really cater to your wedding planning needs. Do get in touch with us so that we can develop a custom wedding planning service for you.

We require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking of our services. The balance (along with other expenses, if any) will be billed after the wedding, and to be paid within 7 days from the date of the billing.

We do not cover customary traditions (e.g. Guo Da Li) as practices might differ even within the same dialect groups and it is also wise to consult the elders in the family. Nonetheless, should you still need assistance, we will be able to advise on standard practices.


We also do not cover the filing of the notice of marriage with the Registry of Marriages as this should be done so personally. Nonetheless, we will remind you of the deadlines, and we can also recommend solemnisers or JPs for you. Similarly for foreign couples, we will aid you to sort out the documents needed, but the filing of the notice of marriage will still have to be done personally.


On the wedding day, we also do not cover gift-keeping or safe-keeping of angbaos and this duty should be delegated to a family member, bridal party, or a trusted friend. If you would still like us to do so, we would require you to sign a letter of authorization prior to the wedding day.

We do have a profile of high quality and trusted venues and vendors whom we have worked with previously and can recommend to you for your wedding. However, this does not limit us to who we work with, and you are welcome to bring onboard your own vendors as well. Since every wedding is different, we also only recommend venues and vendors based on your requirements, style and budget to put together the perfect wedding day for you.