A Wedding Planner’s Dreams

12 May 2017

Dear Friends,

Beautiful Gathering is a chapter in my life that I am about to close. I want to end it beautifully, to tie a ribbon on it all.

It’s time for me to give back.

I want to give the entire business away, for free. Many wonderful people have helped me along the way to realise this dream of mine and I don’t want their efforts to go to waste.

They are many names that come to mind like Jessica Claire Chew, Tan Wei Wei, Leana, Norman Teh, Ilina Ye, Wilson Chua, Jeremy Long, Rubina, Andri Tei, Ivan Tan, Ly Leow, Sarah, Joanne and the list goes on.

The world is cynical with people who are more concerned with  the “I”. Yet, I always believe in creating magic and miracles. I hope the chosen candidate will be able to carry this along with them.

Things you should know:

1) It’s free!
2) Application closes on 30th June 2017.
3) All are welcome to apply!
4) Selected candidates will get to own the Beautiful Gatherings brand, website, portfolio and mentoring and coaching from me and my wedding planner friends and me.
5) When you are ready to give, you do the same for others.
6) Everyone who applies, whether you are chosen or not, will be invited to have a Google Hangout call with me. You can ask me anything!

Who should apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply! If you are a student, a working professional, or a teacher, a designer, a writer or an entrepreneur and you are interested in joining the wedding industry, I would love to have you send in an application!

Are you ready?

Please fill out the form below.

Kindest regards,
Bryan Lim

If the form above is not working, please email application to

All applicants will be notified by the end of July.

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