Actual Day Wedding Coordination Package

It is always gratifying for the wedding couple to be involved in their own wedding planning, but the biggest caveat is not knowing that they themselves will be the busiest on their wedding day. Thankfully, Beautiful Gatherings is here to offer an actual day wedding package to finalize your plans, coordinate and assist on your wedding day. So, go ahead and have ease of mind, cherish your special wedding day and the moments that truly count.

    • Program design and coordination
      Our actual day wedding package includes program management, itinerary development as well as ceremony and reception support. This coordination assistance will give you peace of mind during your very special day. We will ensure from planning to execution that your wedding day will run smoothly and eventful.


  • Consultations & communications
    Beautiful Gatherings understand that the wedding couple will have lots of questions and concerns with regards to the wedding day. Thus, we offer unlimited hours of consultations and communications so the couple can address their concerns 24/7, rehearsals and preparations leading to wedding day inclusive.


Beautiful Gatherings’ actual day wedding coordination package will have a two months duration covering the preparation & rehearsal period to the actual date of the wedding.