Oh my, January 2021 is almost ending, and only now am I penning down my thoughts for 2020. But people always say, better late than never, isn’t it?

2020 started off with a bang for us here at Beautiful Gatherings. We pulled off a sensational inter-racial wedding at a void-deck which was covered in The Straits Times, Ricemedia and various other platforms. We challenged the social norms that void-decks are for funerals or weddings of a particular ethnic group only, turned it around and proved that void deck weddings can be meaningful and cultural too.

Then Covid-19 came and swung as all off balance. We were in Circuit Breaker (the better-known word for a lockdown). I always thought it was a phenomenal thing because our generation has been privileged to not be involved in any major global event (i.e., wars), and this is one of the first time we are in this global situation together.

Truth be told, it was depressing to have our lives disrupted. Stuck home, and work affected. But hey, we have all made it through, one way or another. Looking back now, all I see is magic. Within uncertainty, there was also potential; within lostness, there were also opportunities to be uncovered; within discomfort, there was also a chance for change.

While unfortunately some weddings have to be postponed or downscaled, sentiments and emotions are still big at heart. The wedding will be small, but it is undeniably cosy, and you will be surrounded by those who truly matters, who loves you thoroughly in and out, and who will be there for you in a heartbeat. This is the beauty of an intimate wedding.

That said, we are still looking forward to a time when guests can mingle at a wedding, when hugs would not be frowned upon, and everyone would not be stepping on eggshells with regards to the measures in place. It would be a time when we could celebrate freely and unreservedly, with joy, excitement and ecstasy.

2020 was not about how much we did or did not do. It was about finding joy in the simple things, laughter with a few close friends, connecting with family near and far, opening our hearts and being present in every moment. 2020 was about being grateful for what we have, knowing that is, and always will be enough. And in the year, we see growth – not the kind where it is always about constant motion, but they kind that is about staying still, having deep rest, and stopping to reconsider where we are headed before we even arrive there.

May after all that we have seen in 2020, appreciate and be grateful to whatever 2021 may bring to us.