Life is filled with special, unforgettable moments and a bride and groom’s wedding day is one such event. Planning a wedding is indeed a meaningful experience but individuals may often find themselves caught up in the excitement, resulting in feelings of anxiety and overwhelmness. Afterall, there are a variety of aspects to consider from floral designs to wedding banquets and seating plans. If you are planning your wedding without assistance from a wedding planner in Singapore, the process can be challenging but fret not as there are always ways to cope with it.  

1. Take time away from planning

Most couples experience breakouts, headaches and other physical symptoms when they are stressed with their wedding planning. This is a sign that you should take a break from the process and make time for yourself. Restore your sanity by exercising, meditating, watching Netflix or doing anything else that boosts your mood. It is important to escape the overload of information for a little while to ensure you can resume your party planning duties with a fresh mind.

2. Hire a wedding coordinator in Singapore 

Wedding planning takes up a lot of time and effort. Why suffer the tediousness when you can just hire a professional wedding coordinator to take on the challenging task? The coordinator  can certainly ease the process. Find out how their expertise can save you from all the hassle:

  • Budgeting and scheduling

Wedding planners will give you the best deals within your budget. With their expertise, they can provide insight on suitable vendors and advise on different budgeting aspects including what you should be saving and splurging on, maximising cost effectiveness. When it comes to scheduling, wedding planners will ensure things go as planned in a timely manner. This is because they possess the know-how to adhere to a to-do list, being able to prioritise a set of tasks to avoid going off schedule. 

  • Insider knowledge

In Singapore, wedding planners typically possess insider knowledge, allowing them to recommend the best vendors to you. They communicate with photographers, DJs, florists and other professionals on a regular basis and are thus able to develop a strategy that works best to a couple’s needs. This also helps you to save time searching for the right vendor. 

  • One-stop solution

Today, most wedding planning service providers offer a one-stop solution, from taking command of the venue, coordinating logistics, to engaging vendors. They ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. In case of unexpected issues during the ceremony, they will be the first one to resolve them so you can fully enjoy your special day with your partner.  

3. Get organised

You may have a million ideas in mind but actualising them is a whole different story. To better gather your thoughts, it is advisable to organise them through checklists, online organising tools, Google Docs, Excel, spreadsheets and other means for convenient monitoring. Refer below for a checklist of common elements to note for your wedding day:

  • Venue
  • Date
  • Theme
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Budget
  • Guest list
  • Seating Plan

4. Embrace the imperfection 

There is no need to torture yourself with the smallest details when it comes to planning a wedding. Even if it does not turn out to be a glamorous one, don’t stress over the imperfections. Regardless of your wedding theme, colour scheme, or floral arrangement, always remember that your wedding will remain meaningful as it commemorates the love between you and your partner. When you take a trip down memory lane one day, you will realise the precious moments recorded during the wedding outweigh all those insignificant imperfect details. What matters is the love and joy you have once been showered with on the special day.

Embrace the imperfection wedding planning services in Singapore

5. Consult with your partner beforehand 

While consulting your wedding planning service provider on details of your wedding ceremony and reception is critical, so is communicating such details with your other half.. Share your wedding opinions and expectations with your partner and make decisions together. Working toward a common goal strengthens the bond between you and your partner, helping the both of you better overcome obstacles.

With the aforementioned tips above, we hope that planning your wedding day will no longer be met with stress and anxiety. Never underestimate how a clear mind and relaxed mood can contribute to an ideal and memorable wedding.

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