A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and hence should be as memorable as possible. Planning your own wedding may make you feel involved on your big day but it can be a tedious chore, provided that there are so many aspects to oversee. Most of the time, couples feel overwhelmed due to the piled up obligations during the process. Therefore, having someone to coordinate every step throughout is essential. Hiring a wedding planner will be the smart move. It may sound like a luxury but eventually, you will realise that partially outsourcing the planning to a professional can save you time, cost and all the hassle. Why should you engage a wedding coordinator? Read on to find out more.

1. Destress on your bridal party

Wedding planning is already a daunting task in itself, while the stress from pre-wedding jitters may escalate the anxiety of getting ready for your special day. It is safe to say that having bridesmaids by your side when planning for your wedding is a precious memory worth holding dear. However, disagreements may be triggered when there are too many opinions in one room. To avoid bridal party tension, a wedding planner should be engaged, with the expertise to develop a plan that everybody can agree on. From dresses, decorations to hairstyles, a wedding planner knows what suits you and your girls the best. With that, the pressure of throwing a bridal party is eliminated.

2. Allows you to prioritise what really matters

Most couples may feel exhausted in the final month before their wedding as they have spent too much time working on the details prior to their big day. Bringing onboard a wedding planner in Singapore allows you to concentrate on what really matters. These may include writing vows, drafting a guest list, deciding on outfits, etc. What’s most important is that you will be able to get quality sleep before your big day!

3. Manage your vendors 

No doubt, having different vendors is of great help when it comes to wedding planning. However, you will still need to constantly keep up with them in the months ahead of your special day. The common things to keep track of include contracts, meetings and payment schedules. In contrast, engaging experienced wedding planners allow you to sit back and relax as they know how to handle vendors as industry insiders. A helpful guide or prompt will be given by the planners to vendors so that they can work on your wedding details in an organised manner.

Wedding planner Singapore Venue Wedding Ballroom

4. Advise on tricky situations, if any

It is often unavoidable to face tricky situations throughout the process of wedding planning in Singapore. A wedding planner will be of great help if there are any issues that arise during big-day preparations or your wedding ceremony. They have the know-how of coordinating logistics, as well as taking command of the venue and vendors. 

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Planning a wedding can be challenging if you are going to do it all by yourself. In fact, you do not have to stress yourself over all the details throughout the process. Just engage a professional to help with your life event and ensure you have all the fun during  your wedding.

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