As the big day approaches, couples usually get overwhelmed with all the components and intricacies. As such, little details may be overlooked, which diminishes the quality of their wedding reception. Here are 3 seemingly negligible details to look out for:

1. Inconvenient Dates
Nothing is worse for a guest that having to take days off work or to miss their personal events to attend your wedding. Also keep in mind the seasons, where people are less busy and able to relax. Typically, the peak season for weddings are Sept – Decemeber and the worse months are August .

2. Poor Seating Arrangements
One of the worst pet peeve of wedding guests is sitting at a table where everyone knows each other except them. This can be easily avoided by sending out invites earlier and finalising the seating arrangement. You can also consult your wedding planner on contingency plans, like when a RSVP guests doesn’t show up on the last minute.

It will also be helpful for the guests to find their seats and not stand around awkwardly if you have ushers to guide them.

3. Program Lulls
Usually, the event starts off with high energy and excitement and ends with a bang. It’s the middle part that threatens to surrender to mind-numbing boredom. While the couple is busy with their picture and ceremonial duties, guests start to get bored, tired and cranky with nothing to do whule they’re waiting for you.

Hire a planner. We are specifically experienced in ensuring every segment of your wedding remains enjoyable and engaging. Your guests will crave for more and time will pass smoothly with out help.

What’s your pet peeve when you attend a wedding? We’d like to hear yours. Tell us in the comments below!

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